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"e-brands" premium partner

The new e-brand will bring partners from industry and wholesale, the guilds and companies even closer together. Exclusive offers from partners will give e-brand companies a competitive edge. Ritto supports this initiative as a premium partner.


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Brand name appliance – Strong partners

Ritto and 19 other strong partners got together to start up the initiative "Brand name appliances – Strong partners", an important step for German electricians. Now you can get the reliable competence and the proven brand quality of the German electricity industry together in one place.

What does all this mean for you?


  • Always the very best products
  • Customers who value quality
  • Strong partners on your side

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Intelligent living" initiative in Germany

Intelligent living: the name given to the cooperation initiative between leading manufacturers – such as Ritto – and their partners. They develop networked, demand-based and future-proof solutions for your home. The advantage to you: the devices and systems used provide greater convenience, cost effectiveness, energy efficiency, flexibility and security.


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