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Electrical brands. Strong Partners

Ritto - your strong brand - your strong partner

Our cooperation will help increase brand awareness when buying and using products for electrical installation - among electricians, electrical planners, engineers, building owners, architects, and electrical wholesalers. And of course, among your customers.


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Be a brand yourself

You have the best qualifications, understand your trade, and you know what is important in your sector. But do your customers know this, too? Show them what you have to offer. Show them that your name means good quality. Because your best business card is your good work. And that is what people recommend to others.

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Use brand products

Top quality work requires using top quality products. By using brand products, you prove your expertise and ensure that your customer is completely satisfied with your services in the future. In the end, brand products always offer the latest technology and design, and they guarantee full usability for the long term.

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Convince the customer

Use our promotional guidelines to increase the awareness for your brand quality and to help answer the most common customer questions convincingly. Because only with brand products can the customer benefit from your good work on a long-term basis.

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Electrical brands. Strong partners.

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