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 Good to know, that Ritto stands for communications systems with a high user benefit, modern design and a timesaving installation technique for decades! • • • Good to know, that the innovations 2012 have been presented at the Frankfurt Trade Fair! • • •  Good to know, that Ritto, together with Schneider Electric and Merten, is as Team Schneider Electric the strong partner for trade and crafts in Germany! • • •

Variability has many positive sides
Top class in design

The extensive Ritto letterbox range has good news for all those who look forward to receiving post each day. The new letterbox variants Liro, Nero, Soro and Alvaro have now been introduced in addition to the Portier letterbox systems. All new letterbox systems can be conveniently combined with TwinBus intercoms.


The new letterboxes are available in the following variants:

Liro: Surface-mounted and freestanding

Nero: Surface-mounted and freestanding

Soro: Freestanding

Alvaro: Surface-mounted, flush-mounted and freestanding


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New TwinBus video intercoms now in System M design variants

Simple, functional shapes: this is the concept behind the new M-Pure frame design in System M, which pursues the clear-line principle in terms of shape and material. To complement this, the particularly elegant casings of the TwinBus Video intercoms are now also available in the colour variants active white and glossy polar white in brilliant thermoplastic as well as in aluminium (coating) and anthracite in classy matt thermoplastic.


> New TwinBus video intercoms now in System M design variants

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TwinBus Video

New - bigger - better

Explore a new generation of TwinBus indoor video stations and TwinBus handsfree video intercom units. With TwinBus, you will meet all requirements on intelligent building communication. Clever in technical opportunities as well as easy to install and future-proof. From the new building to modernisation, from small to ambitious applications in big objects.

> Start the TwinBus Video Animation

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Ritto IP

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